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by Ivan Germanoff

Martial Fury is a free source of information which I made to catalog studies and experiences under the realm of martial arts. This page is catered to help you find articles, which I personally write, with information on diets, workouts, techniques, history and more. Here are some of my most recent articles:

The origins of Sambo

Sambo is a soviet martial art developed by Vasili Oshchepkov and Viktor Spiridinov, both researchers of martial arts during the soviet era. It was created with the intent of integrating techniques from grappling oriented martial arts such as Judo and wrestling, into traditional martial arts forms from foreign countries such as Armenian ... Read More!

The importance of accountability for attaining mental fortitude

Mental toughness is one of the most important tools professional athletes can have in their arsenal, and it can be just as useful to anyone regardless of whether they dedicate themselves to sport, studying, or their job. Mentally tough people tend to be more critical ... Read More!

No such thing as extreme #1: Ice baths

Ice baths. The cold shower’s big, bad and burly brother. Used by fighters as well as athletes across the world as a method of therapy, ice baths are perceived to be “hardcore” or “extreme”. Such imagery is engrained in our heads due to its references in many different action movies such as Creed II, or the plethora of ... Read More!

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